TerrierWorks is the partnership of a Software Engineer consultant and a Consumer Analytics & Insights consultant. Through the creation of TerrierWorks, we are able to share our areas of expertise, a little bit about who we are and what we can do for you.

And you're probably wondering why we call ourselves TerrierWorks - it all started with a little dog named "Bean," whose mind worked non-stop like we do…we miss you girl.

Bill Butterfield | Bill@terrierworks.com

Bill is an accomplished Lead Software Engineer with over 20 years of experience in the end to end process of software design and implementation. He has worked extensively in both the agile and waterfall methodologies, to iterate on user/business requirements, prototypes, object-oriented design, interface implementation, testing, and maintenance. Bill has experience in the domains of consumer interfaces, retail products, financial systems, and manufacturing environments.

Bill is currently a Senior Software Engineer for GE Energy, responsible for developing functionality for PowerOn Reliance to enhance Smart Grid functionality and power station monitoring in C#, Java, C and C++.  He was also responsible for enhancing middleware software using Camel, Java and JAXB to assist in integration of large scale commercial solutions being deployed to the field. While at GE Energy Bill also designed and implemented a configuration application for the mobile mapping solution using WinForms, C# and the .NET framework, as well as a market leading mobile mapping solution for the utility industry in C\C++.

Prior to GE Energy, Bill was the Lead Software Engineer on a large retail photo kiosk, found in discount retailers throughout the U.S. He was responsible for developing the kiosk user interface and experience using C\C++\C#\WPF and QT, that included image manipulation and editing capabilities for digital images and products. Bill designed and implemented functionality that allowed the kiosk to change its look and feel without recompilation and full internationalization capabilities, along with products to be added and removed on the fly, including multiple price points and multiple fulfillment destinations.

Bill brings experience working for small firms, such as SolidFX and Radiation Dynamics, Inc., along with large firms such as Bloomberg, Clariion and Seagate Software. Bill graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 1997, with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and is a veteran of the U.S. Navy.

  • Languages: C/C++, C#, Java 2, XML, XAML, HTML, JavaScript, Perl, SQL, PHP, Fortran, Assembly
  • Platforms: Windows, Linux, UNIX, MAC-OS, OS/2
  • API: QT, WPF, MFC, WIN32, .NET
  • Tools: MS Visual Studio, Eclipse, GDB
  • Hardware: RS-232, SCSI, RAID, Tape Drives, PCs
  • Sun Certifications: Java Associate and Java Programmer 5.0

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LB Herbert, Ph.D. | LB@terrierworks.com

LB is a seasoned leader and professional, who is passionate about leveraging innovative qualitative and quantitative research methods. She brings over 15 years of experience with media, eCommerce, retail, CPG, hospitality, healthcare, software, telecommunications and electronics brands, to work with clients to leverage insights for building brand equity and customer experiences. Her pro-active, strategic, and pragmatic business style and track record, demonstrates her appreciation for how customer research and business processes must be continually aligned to optimize marketing impact.

LB is currently the Sr. Lead of Analytics & Insights at Bottle Rocket, where she formalized the mobile app analytics discipline to provide teams with consumer insights that assist in optimizing the app strategy and design, as well as measuring the brand’s business objectives and KPIs.  She also leads primary research initiatives, such as usability studies, competitive benchmarks, surveys and ethnography, to deliver insights throughout the app strategy and design process.

Prior to Bottle Rocket, LB was the Director of Analytics & Insights for imc2, creating the social media monitoring and analytics offering for the agency’s clients.  She also led the web, media, and mobile program analytics analysis and reporting for digital marketing campaigns created by the agency, along with eCommerce sites, health websites, and mobile marketing programs.  Prior to imc2, LB spent time consulting at companies such as Intuit and PepsiCo.

Before venturing into consulting, LB was the Senior Manager of Customer Insights for JCPenney.  She established the customer insights team and primary research discipline supporting strategy, feature definition, and the user experience design of JCPenney’s online, mobile, and social media touch points.  She directed research for initiatives such as cross-channel shopping experiences, mobile sites and apps, loyalty programs, email and homepage marketing, along with usability of site navigation and feature UI design.

Earlier in her career, LB was the Human Factors Studio Manager at Eastman Kodak Company, and also worked at large brands such as Merrill Lynch, Huawei Technologies, Newsday, Inc. and Symantec. LB holds two US patents for innovative software features resulting from her research and design work at Kodak.

LB earned her Ph.D and M.A. from University of Connecticut in Industrial/Organization Psychology, where her dissertation investigated where to include users in the user-centered design and research process. 

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